The Fox’s Summer / Fox Falls in Love / When the President Falls in Love 狐狸的夏天 / 当总裁恋爱时 by 沈沧眉 Shen Cang Mei (HE)

When Gu Cheng Ze meets Li Yan Shu for the first time, he has a bad impression on her because of her lie. Later, Yan Shu is caught in a plagiarism scandal, which firms Cheng Ze’s view on her. Unexpectedly, she is the unforgettable first love of Gu Jinyun.

To “”transform Jinyun””, Cheng Ze has to invite Yan Shu to work in his company but Yan Shu brazenly bargains with him, even lives in his house shamelessly.

Living with her, Cheng Ze in mysophobia and OCD gets crazy as she keeps challenging his bottom line; in work, she tells all kinds of lie to achieve her aim, making him eye-opening….

However, it is such a woman that gradually shakes his principle and breaks his defense line…..

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[Ebook][Audiobook][Drama with Eng Subs Season 1 and Season 2]


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