Dandere General and his Lord / The General Is Often Bullied Till He Cries 将军总被欺负哭 by 龚心文 Gong Xin Wen (HE)

Male Lead: My Lord has bestowed great kindness on me, and I am eternally indebted to my Lord. No matter what my Lord desires – be it my heart, my life, or any part of me, I will willingly give it up without complaint. But, deep in my heart, I actually like females.

Lord of Jin: What a coincidence – it just so happens that I am female.

Enemy Troops of Jin: Mo Qiao Sheng, the King of Hell who kills without batting a single eyelid, is here again! Everybody, run for your lives!!

Subjects of Jin: The Great General is truly our sharpest weapon, and is well-deserving of the title of the God of War in Jin; however, we fear that his great achievements overshadows the accomplishments of the Lord of Jin, and threatens the position and standing of the Lord of Jin.

The daily observations of those in the palace are often as follows:

Palace Maid: Ah!!! I can’t bear to look anymore – the General is crying again, from having been bullied by our King. He is truly such a poor, poor, pitiful soul!!

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