The Genius Poison Doctor / Ni Tian Du Yi: Long Zun Qiu Fang Guo 逆天毒医: 龙尊求放过 by 天边一抹白 Tian Bian Yi Mo Bai

  • Flying to the highest of heavens to capture dragons and going to hell to kill demons, the male character is endowed with super power.
  • She dares to love and hate, after growing up and getting rid of fripperies, who can be her rival in this foreign land? Will their ending be a doomed tragedy or be within their control?

She thought she picked up a snake, it turned out that she was forced to warm the bed for him every night… She, a genius poison doctor who was transported back in time, became a good-for-nothing in the Tang family. It was beyond her ability to wake her soul of martial arts, she didn’t even know…….

(Credit: Webcomics)

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