The Gravity of a Rainbow 彩虹的重力 by 施定柔 Shi Ding Rou

A story about three modern day women who make different decisions, how it affects them in the workplace and changes their friendship and how they find love.

Persistent in searching for her soulmate, He Caihong (Rainbow) falls for the all-around professor Ji Huang whom she shares similar interests with. Caihong’s mom does not approve of her daughter’s choice because she has her sights set on fuerdai (rich second generation) Su Donglin to become her future son-in-law.

As Xia Feng finds himself out of the job, Caihong tires to help Han Qing out. Yet through some mistake, Han Qing lands a position at her husband Xia Feng’s old company and turns out to be excellent at her new job. In doing so, she becomes a stiff competitor for Caihong’s other bestie Lili and it puts a strain in the three ladies’ friendship. As Caihong sees the choices that the people around her have made, she also makes her own decision that eventually earns the support of her family and friends.




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