The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! 继承者驾到:校草,闹够没! by 安向暖 An Xiang Nuan

As an anti-fan of the idol group, Starry Night, An Xiaxia is happy to spend her time online slandering lead singer Sheng Yize.

But things take an unexpected turn when An Xiaxia starts high school – the Starry Night trio somehow becomes her classmates, and even end up moving into her house.

Also, the nation’s idol Sheng Yize seems particularly interested in An Xiaxia for some reason…

Sheng Yize: Xiaxia, if I and a chicken wing fall into the water together, which one will you save?

An Xiaxia: Hm… I can’t swim, so obviously you’re going to save yourself and get my chicken wing out!

Sheng Yize: I thought I was the nation’s idol???

(Credit: Webnovel)

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