The Intruder 人鱼 by 雷米 Lei Mi

Su Lin, a young girl, was neglected by her parents since she was a child and grew up in a poor and difficult environment. Nevertheless, she always studied hard, yearning the future. Su Lin worked hard at her speaking and won the role of the Little Mermaid in the English recital play, making her classmate Ma Na jealous. During a violent fight, she accidentally fell into an underground pipe, and whether she alive or dead was unknown.

At this time, the “case of three female corpses” in the city’s underground river was exposed to the public. In an instant, the investigation of the case was closely intertwined with Su Lin’s fate. Retired policeman Gu Hao and her classmate Jiang Ting who met by accident, had always been troubled about Su Lin. When Su Lin finally returned to the ground, she learnt the truth about the “Three Female Corpses Case” and did her best to help the police bring the criminals to justice.

(Credit : Movie Douban)



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