The Lady in Butcher’s House 屠户家的小娘子 (玉面桃花总相逢) by 蓝艾草 Lan Ai Cao

A butcher girl from the bottom ranks of society marries an official thus beginning their legendary story as husband and wife. One is adept with the pen while the other is adept with the sword. Together, they conquer many obstacles to serve the people.

Xu Qingjia lost his parents at a young age. He attains success as a scholar official and marries Hu Jiao, the young daughter of the Hu family which are longtime friends of the Xu family. Although Hu Jiao came from a butcher’s family and could neither read nor write, she is exceptional in her own way and unbothered by trivial matters. With the people’s interests at heart, Xu Qingjia starts out as a county official and forges ahead with the reform on taxes. Meanwhile, Hu Jiao becomes involved with the construction of the county school, opens up martial arts classes and assists Xu Qingjia in solving various cases. Their joint efforts win the unanimous approval of locals and outsiders.

After being promoted to the prefecture, Xu Qingjia takes advantage of the favorable land conditions to plant medicinal herbs in order to boost the economy and alleviate famine. Furthermore, Hu Jiao bravely sought reinforcements to quell the rebellion at the border. When Xu Qingjia falls ill and his career suddenly comes to a halt, the couple have no choice but to return to their hometown. Hu Jiao steps up to the plate and demonstrates her talent in business while Xu Qingjia stays at home. Before long, Xu Qingjia manages to enter the capital in spite of the mounting pressure. As husband and wife, Xu Qingjia and Hu Jiao never stray from their original intentions. In the world of politics, they face off with corrupt officials and embark on a journey for the sake of the people.




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