The Legend of Jinyan 妃上不可 (凤归四时歌) by 闻情解佩 Wen Qing Jie Pei

A sweet love story between the brave and kind daughter of a general and the young king who is surrounded by enemies. Despite butting heads from their initial meeting, their love begins to grow as they work together for the country and its people.

Wen Sujin enters the palace in order to save another but mistakenly provokes Xiao Yu who is the king of the nation. Thinking that she is a palace maid and then suspecting that she may be a spy, the overbearing Xiao Yu cannot help put his defences when he starts to fall for her. Xiao Yu and his older brother Xiao Qi’s already strained relationship worsens over a girl. Meanwhile, Wen Suyu has gotten married in place of her younger sister. What kind of situations will arise from their complicated relations?




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