The Live Broadcast of Murder Scenes 凶案现场直播 by 退戈 Tui Ge (HE)

Welcome to the preliminary stage of the live broadcast realistic simulation game, Solving Murder Mysteries — the Rookie Placement Test Stage. You have applied for the following role: Victim. All the memories, information and knowledge which you possess in connection with the real-life murder case upon which this murder mystery has been based has been sealed. Your goal: Based on the clues that have been provided to you, you are to change your character’s fate and escape from the clutches of death. Alternatively, you are to assist other players in uncovering the full, hidden truth of this murder mystery.

Identity: Wang Dong Yan (False Name)

Cause of Death: Suicide / Jumping

Your Initial Assigned Score: 92 (A genius like yourself would surely be able to change your fate and save your Character from her death)

Your Compatibility with your Character: 37% (Your Character and you are diametrically different people)

Your Character’s Likelihood of Suicide: 87% (Your Character is at the brink of a mental breakdown)

[Ebook][English Translation]


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