The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love (Moonshine and Valentine) 结爱: 异客逢欢 & 犀燃烛照 (结爱:祭司大人系列) by玄隐/施定柔 Xuan Yin/ Shi Ding Rou

异客逢欢 – The wall of a well is smooth marble, with the cold moonlight falling straight down with clouds and mists in the mountains. Helan Jingting lying on the bottom of the well comfortably, with a white peony in his hand. He picks petals to his mouth piece by piece, like a perfect gentleman. A firefly falls on the shoulder of Pi Pi, flashing strangely. Pi Pi feels a little nervous when she stays with the priest of Fox tribe. Helan Jingting glances at her lightly and says with the voice of full of obsession,’Would you like to accompany me to enjoy the moonlight tonight?’

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犀燃烛照 – Four years later, Guan Pipi and Helan Xi who had lost the memory met again. She began to doubt that this Helan Xi was not really in amnesia but an impostor. In order to find the truth and save the real Helan Jingting, she decided to cooperate with this Helan Xi and traveled with him to the fox family habitation: Xulongpu. But they came to Shalan first, a land which belonged to the fox family before but was occupied by the five wolf clans currently. On this land, Guan Pipi experienced narrow escapes several times and was overwhelmed by mixed love-hate feelings towards Helan Xi; also, she doubted about whether to trust her own instincts or not…

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