The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart (Love Under the Moon) 山月不知心底事 by 辛夷坞 Xin Yi Wu

Love is forever, may not be forgotten, but can be given up.

Seventeen years ago, under the moon, he said: “We will never separate.”

But he still left.

Xiang Yuan always thought that the things that separated them was time, distance and the uncontrollable twist in life.

Later she realized that, even if she managed to make Ye Qian Ze stay, one day, when he met Ye Ling, he will still fall in love with that woman.

Xiang Yuan who lost both of her parents at a young age managed to change her fate, but can she also change the heart of a lover?

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  1. lidge
    lidge September 16, 2012 at 1:36 pm |

    I’m not enjoying 山月不知心底事 as much as I thought so kind of skimming through things now. There’s a lot of business stuff as XY goes about rebuiding the company and wrestling for control from QZ and YY’s uncle, which I find kind of boring.

    QZ marries XY b/c of this reason………she’s doing an excellent job turning the family company around. The problem is she’s just an employee so she can only do so much. She can’t do anything to QZ’s uncle who’s like the CFO and out to sabotage her. QZ has the authoritative power in the company b/c he’s the heir but has no interest/talent with business so he marries her. As his wife, she has power (through him and her status as a daughter-in-law) and has more flexibilities in how she wants to handle the company.

    QZ is very weak! I think a lot of XY’s good feelings for him is from the fond memories she has of their childhood together. She had a rough time growing up b/c her family was very poor and he was a great comfort to her.

    YY doesn’t fight for her for several reasons. First, he loves his older brother and XY so he doesn’t want to cause them any unhappiness. Second, he knows QZ needs to marry XY to give her more authoritative power so she can save the family company. Third, he knows XY only sees him as a little brother so no use confessing b/c she’ll just reject him, which will damage their relationship so he doesn’t want to take that chance.

    The ending is horrific b/c we’re given the false impression that YY dies. But in the epilogue, it’s mentioned that he survives and XY goes to the hospital often for his physical therapy sessions.

  2. Jkfan
    Jkfan April 15, 2018 at 3:19 am |

    I thought you had already posted this book, and then realized that this book was discussed in the comments section of Xin Yi Wu’s other book. 🙂
    I started this book a long time ago, but was not able to finish it. I also thought the younger brother was very cute and he should have confessed or the author should have give the heroine and the younger brother a happy ending, since the husband is not in love with the heroine, and really just married her as a means to an end for the family business. Similar to the rich folks getting married as a trade and not for happiness. I stand by the heroine, but the book was pretty draggy.

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