The Most Majestic You 最璀璨的你 by 岁惟 Sui Wei (HE)

Once, he was the king at the peak of e-sports circle but chose to retreat mysteriously three years ago and now came out again to start a business.

She was a lively princess born in a rich family but was forced to give up her dream of medicinal science and work for the family business.

In a sponsorship negotiation, Ye Qianxi was interested in Xu Jimo’s KG E-sports Club and invested twenty million into the club by taking advantage of her rich family, becoming the nominal boss. Perhaps she invested because of getting angry with her family but after she saw the shining him at the competition, she was unwilling to part with him and never expected that Xu Jimo wanted to have her long ago.

Life was long and the future was unpredictable. She had strict parents and a dream of studying abroad.

He worried: ‘For me, you are just like a gift from sky; I’m afraid you will disappear midnight.’

Yet he assured: ‘I’ve never gotten wet in the rain for anyone, but I will wait for you no matter it blows or rains.’

And he believed: ‘Time can provide answers and prove a lot of things, including how much I love you.

(Credit: DHH Translations)

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