The Phoenix Who Replaced the Bride: Tyrant Lord’s Private Doting of the Bewitching Empress / Bewitching Empress So Pampered by Her Tyrant 替嫁火凤: 暴君私宠小妖后 / 暴君试爱: 妖后如此多娇 by 琴霜霜 Qin Shuang Shuang

During her childhood, Liu Rushuang almost lost her life at the combined schemes of her father and head matriarch. Ten years later, she returns to plan her revenge holding the highest position in a well-known assassination organization by the name of ‘Bloody Repose’. However, she is suddenly hounded by a tyrannical lord of some nation Han Moze. Will her revenge go off without a hitch? And what sort of thrilling story will she have with this tyrannical lord?

(Credit: Shadow Madnesss)

[Ebook][Manhua in Eng][Audiobook]



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