The President’s Secretary Wants to Resign Everyday (Secretary Bai Wants to Resign Everyday) 总裁秘书每天都想辞职 (白秘书每天都想辞职) by 胖咪子 Fat Mi Zi (HE)

I am a female secretary of an overbearing president in a typical dog blood drama novel.

The kind of person who, at the end of the day, doesn’t even have a name and could only be called “secretary”, the one who wears a tight fitting black dress and a pair of 10cm high heels every day, running around in front of the president, humbly praying for the president’s attention, and hating the heroine.

In fact, I really don’t. If I like the president, I’ll be struck by lightning.

I’m getting more and more sick of the president lately. Except for the outstanding appearance that the author forced on him, this person is really useless from head to toe, low in EQ, and low in IQ.

A legendary business genius who is all-powerful, but he doesn’t even understand anything, chickens know more than him.

I had to reject all of his unreasonable demands every day, and on the way, teach him relevant knowledge of economic law and finance, and gradually.. he became a master.

I’m so tired, I really want to quit my job.

[Useless Domineering President ] X [Unsympathetic Secretary]

(Credit: Fans Translation)

Secretary Bai Jing proposed to resign because of dissatisfaction with President Jin Shian’s work arrangement but unexpectedly fell into a time loop. In the process, Bai Jing gradually restored the truth that Jin Shian “made things difficult” for her and discovered the shining point in her; in mutual friendship, the two worked together to solve the company crisis and finally gained a beautiful love.


[Ebook][Eng Translation][Drama]


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