The Prime Minister’s Wife Is The Richest Woman 丞相夫人是首富(穿书) by 插柳成荫 Cha Liu Cheng Yin (HE)

Ji Yunxi transmigrated into a book and accidentally became the richest person. In order to save her family, she decided to choose a thigh as her husband.

The vision she has for choosing a husband is very different from that of others. She likes a man with a deep mind and ruthless in his scheming. It doesn’t matter what he looks like.

She found that the Wu family has an unpopular Young Master that suits her taste well.

Although he looks ordinary, Ji Yunxi likes it very much.

She naturally has to find a way to get the thigh she likes into her hands. He is just an unpopular Young Master now so of course it is not difficult for her to get him.

All the noble ladies in every family think that Ji Yunxi must be blind.

Many years later, all the noble ladies in every family regretted it very much.

Prime Minister Wu’s temperament in ruling and opposition is simply the most handsome one in the world!

Ji Yunxi herself also regretted it very much: “I don’t want it anymore now. Whoever wants this thigh, just come and drag it away.”

Prime Minister Wu slowly wiped his hands with the handkerchief: “That’s not what you said when you smashed me with money at that time.”

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