The Rain Lantern 未雨灯 by 拈水笑 Nian Shui Xiao (HE)

The noble leader of the Twenty-eight Xingxiu, Meng Zhang Qing Jun once said, “A successful xian is one that beats yaomuo back into their original form and a failed xian is one who is beaten back into to their original form by yaomuo.” That statement is prelude for his next words: “My Twenty-eight Xingxiu does not need such failures.”

Before meeting that person, Yuan Ling Qing had actually succeeded more than nine hundred times. At this moment she is glowing with potential and filled with motivation, never did she thought that losing once to that person meant defeat for the rest of her life.
“At that time, I had just woken up, my instincts are still wild…
Someone had bad intentions, tried to kiss me…
I had no idea they didn’t know how to swim, just tossed them absentmindedly, who knew they’d drown just like that…
Someone reported it to the officials…
In order to escape from them, I found an isolated place in the mountains… found myself an old xian and made him my shifu.”

This is the inspiring story about an ordinary pearl, her determined cultivation journey to become a xian. This is also the sad story about a guy who is rejected and envied by everyone, plotted against and trapped to the point where he has no choice but to get up and retaliate.
“I’m just here for the Spring Flower, taking the city is bonus. You won’t mind right?
Going back on my words? Let me recount, trespassing into my palace at night, assassinating my queen, threatening me, any one of these things could make you dead, you’ve done quite a few. You’ve already gotten a good deal, should be able to close your eyes without regrets…”

This is the blood-pumping story about a righteous little xian determined to challenge a big powerful muo.
“Muo Lord, you can’t kill me! You see, I was picked from the chaozhu flower by your very own hand, that’s comparable to delivering me. I was polished by your own hand too, that’s comparable to raising me. I’m like your own child, even the tiger doesn’t eat its own child.”

This is the intense story about the wife taking on the other woman.
“If you care about me just a little, can you please tell her that I’m just your wife by title? I don’t want her to keep pointing her knife at me. I’m young and ignorant, with a weak ego that can’t take too much turmoil. If I get agitated too much, I could loose my mind and turn Muo.”

This is a story of responsible and pure love.
“What happened last night… I don’t remember.” “What a coincidence, I forgot too. Looks like the only way to remember it is to retrace the steps.”
“You snatched so much of my time that I could’ve spent wandering freely around the world! Pay me back!” “Gu-niang, I have nothing on me except a face that’s slightly worth looking at.”

This is also a touching story of brotherhood and sacrificing for one another.
“How could you make General Lin stand in the front line! You go!”
“Xiao Fu-ren, how can you be so inconsiderate to me. Look at how old I am, these old arms and old legs…”
“You’re ugly anyways, if you get hurt then so be it. Look at how good looking General Lin is, how much of a loss it would be if his face got scratched? Anyways, remember not to kill any innocents! Um.. are there any innocents in the Muo realm?”

I just translated half of the trailer since it’s too long.

[Audiobook] Will update the ebook once I am able to get on weibo again.


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  1. BananaRaindrops
    BananaRaindrops February 10, 2017 at 3:36 pm |

    Wow! Just heard the audiobook, and I must admit that I’m really quite impressed. Tried to listen to a few audiobooks but it didn’t work out. Hahaha, but this might change my mind.

  2. flowerbomb
    flowerbomb March 14, 2017 at 6:23 am |未雨灯?from=feed
    Here’s the author’s Weibo posts, for those who can’t wait to read the ebook (like me) heh.

    I enjoyed this book quite a bit, it’s only about 54 chapters, so it makes for a nice quick read. The relationship problems that plague the both of them can get a tiny bit frustrating (a lot of assumptions and misunderstanding of intentions), but it’s very much an accurate portrayal of what often happens in real life.The leads’ interactions with the supporting characters (the male lead’s generals) are interesting and endearing.

  3. chyrae
    chyrae March 21, 2017 at 4:19 pm |

    The first few chapters seem to be missing from the above mentioned list of Weibo posts.

    Here they are:
    Ebook Chapter 1-2:
    Ebook Chapter 3:

  4. Acrosstime
    Acrosstime May 11, 2017 at 5:36 am |

    Guys! Found this gem on ximalaya! Had to share. Its called 未雨燈. Nian shui xiao wrote it and made the audio book with her and xiao bian c as main chars! So good *_* finally, something I can listen to repeatedly other than WGTW!!!!!!!

  5. Peanuts
    Peanuts May 11, 2017 at 1:22 pm |

    Hey my WGTW buddy 🙂

    This book had been posted in SSB long time ago, where have you been lol? Plenty of good audio books in ximalaya, no need to listen to WGTW repeatedly 😛

  6. 11thagent
    11thagent July 29, 2018 at 10:49 pm |

    ugggghhhhh, the amount of misunderstandings in this novel is so frustrating. It’s not just a couple, but non-stop. One after another!

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