The Road Home / The Return (Road Home) 归路 by Mo Bao Fei Bao (HE)

Many years after breaking up, when Gui Xiao runs into her first love again at the gas station, he is already a soldier, a member of the Armed Police. Though they broke up at a very young age, her heart has never forgotten him.

Back when she was still in her teens, for a few years Gui Xiao left the big city part of Beijing, left the military compound where she grew up, and went to rural Beijing to attend middle school. It was an escape for a while, to get some freedom. But there, she met him—Lu Yanchen, who back then was called Lu Chen, the handsome bad boy whom everyone knew. Their lives were vastly different: she, a top student loved by teachers, coming from a family with a prestigious military background; he, the one who skipped classes, hung out with thugs and ruffians, and came from a poor family. But actually, they were remarkably similar in some ways, both lacking familial love, both trying to find a place to which they truly belong and they could call “home.” The attraction between them was obvious from the beginning, and they secretly began a relationship.

She did not expect to see him again, at least, not this way. But after she did, she cannot keep him from her mind. Almost to give herself closure, she goes to the region where he is stationed. There, their interactions begin once again, tentatively at first, sill carrying baggage from the past, but they slowly learn that both of them have kept a place in their hearts for the other person.

[Ebook][Eng Translation][Audiobook][Drama]


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