The Story of Gossip Girl (Fall in Love) 绯闻女王倾城记 (当她恋爱时) by 沈沧眉 Shen Cangmei

In the eyes of her first love, she is someone that only has looks and nothing else.

In the eyes of the rich and handsom dandies, she is a gold-digger. Even though she lives in a small apartment, she demands four hundred dollars just for a date.

In the eyes of the rich housewives, she is someone that uses all sorts of methods, a fox who wears her crystal shoes to enter the gates of the wealthy…

When she marries the playboy and number one scandal maker Tang Jianan, Shengying City’s upper society shunned her, and those in charge of the households looked down on her.

Her love rival constantly causes trouble, Madam Tang wanted to defeat her with just a blank check…

All of these caused her to be the center of attention in the media, the queen of scandals…

Yet when she was invited as an honored guest to an international fashion designer’s show, and Hollywood star Peter specially made the trip to attend her private party…

Those in the upper society finally realized that it wasn’t just her beauty that caused the envy of others.

The story has a prince, but the prince became a frog. There’s a Cinderella, but the Cinderella is a picky princess.

There’s also an evil mother that tries to break apart the couple, but the mother stumbled over her own feet.

(Credit: Forchen Translations)

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