The Three-Body Problem (Three-Body) 三体 by 刘慈欣 Liu Ci Xin

Anomalies have caused panic and turmoil in the scientific community. Nanophysicist Wang Miao and criminal police Shi Qiang jointly investigate the mystery of the “Three-Body” to resist the invasion of an unknown civilization from outside the Earth.

In 2005, there were abnormal disturbances in the earth’s foundation – scientists who bizarrely committed suicide, a mysterious countdown and the “Three-Body” game. Nano-scientist Wang Miao was brought into the combat center by police officer Shi Qiang to assist in the investigation.

Wang Miao comes into contact with an organization called ETO, and discovers that their commander is Ye Wenjie, the mother of scientist Yang Dong who had committed suicide. Wang Miao and Shi Qiang gradually confirm that the world in the “Three-Body” game really exists and everything was born out of two civilizations desperately fighting each other for survival. Through the combined efforts of the combat center and the scientists, mankind prepares for the imminent invasion of the Tsilorans.


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