The Three Sui Quash the Demons’ Revolt (The Legend of Sealed Book) 三遂平妖传 (平妖传) by 罗贯中 Luo Guan Zhong and expanded by 冯梦龙 Feng Meng Long

Hu Yong Er encountered a saintess by chance and was taught magic skills from the heavenly sealed book. She uses her skills to help the poor but is arrested by the government. Hu Yong Er has nowhere to escape and can only run back to the saintess, who turns out to be the leader of the Tushan Sect and her birth mother.

Hu Yong Er also discovers that the one who is pursuing her is her own elder brother, Zuo Mo, who betrayed Tushan Sect for his own selfish gains. Zuo Mo wants to capture Hu Yong Er to learn about the secret magic of the sealed book and revive the fox tribe.

Jin Cheng Yu assisted Hu Yong Er in finding the scattered books of the heavens, learned the magical arts from the book, and defeated the evil forces to save the world.

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