The Unknown Love of a Girl with Face Blindness (When I See Your Face) 脸盲少女的未知爱情 by 时梧 Shi Wu

Lu Hui was born with severe face blindness. On his first day back at school, Lang Chengzhou saves Lu Hui from being accused of plagiarism. However, he begins to seriously doubt himself when he can’t seem to leave any impression on her even after meeting her three times!

Thinking that she should at least acknowledge a handsome man like him, Lang Chengzhou vows to make Lu Hui who is used to keeping everyone at a distance fall under his charm. In the process, he is moved by her frankness, sincerity, optimism and kindness. As Lang Chengzhou launches a fierce pursuit of Lu Hui, he discovers the secret of her face blindness. Not to be deterred, he tries his very best to make her remember him and without them realizing it, he has already become a special person in her eyes. As if destiny were guiding them all along, the two people with a past history fall in love.




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