The Witch Jiang Su 神婆姜苏 by 请叫我山大王 Qing Jiao Wo Shan Da Wang (HE)

Summary 1:

Something interesting had happened in the North City of late.

The creepy, eerie haunted mansion located in the East District of the North City, which had remained empty and void of people for many, many years, suddenly had a fresh, human presence!

And the person who moved into the creepy, haunted mansion wasn’t some all-powerful, omnipotent priest or monk.

No – the person who moved in was simply a youthful teenage girl. An extraordinarily beautiful teenage girl, who had in her possession an extremely plump and attractive black cat.

The residents in the East District of the North City all engaged in hushed, secretive discussions, each wondering whether this youthful teenage girl, would be the seventh person who would meet her untimely death in the creepy, haunted mansion.

Summary 2:

Jiang Su isn’t human. And yet, she is neither a ghost, nor a demon.

Jiang Su didn’t know how long she’s been alive; neither did she know her actual age.

She possessed an outward appearance that never ages, and a body that never dies.

Her disillusioned, cynical soul was deceptively hidden beneath her immaculate, enchanting outward appearance as she wandered aimlessly in the human world.

She was greedy, lustful, and extremely, extremely lazy. In her long, never-ending lifetime, her only hobbies were to (1) flirt with handsome, attractive men, and (2) spend her money as though the money she had earned was nothing but cheap dirt.

As such, Jiang Su often swung between the two extremes of being immensely wealthy, and immensely poor.

In order to live a better, more comfortable life, Jiang Su decided to exploit her talents and capabilities, and worked as a witch in her spare time.

Amongst all the witches, Jiang Su was the singular witch who was the best at exorcising and catching ghosts. Amongst all the exorcists and ghost-busters, Jiang Su was the sole exorcist and ghost-buster who was the best at Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy). And amongst all the geomancers, Jiang Su was the solitary geomancer who was also an expert in fortune telling. And amongst all the fortune tellers, Jiang Su was the one and only fortune teller who possessed unrivalled skills in capturing demons.

The 21st century.

Having exhausted all of her savings, Jiang Su had little choice but to roll up her sleeves, and revive her career as a witch / exorcist / ghost-buster / geomancer / fortune teller / demon-catcher — only to discover, that she was now working in a sunset industry, and that many of her fellow witches / exorcists / ghost-busters / geomancers / fortune tellers / demon-catchers barely earned enough to put food on the table.

Jiang Su resolutely grabbed hold of her witch / exorcist / ghost-buster / geomancer / fortune teller / demon-catcher banner, and decided to inject some life into the industry.

Summary 3:

Zhai Jin Yu: As a young lady, couldn’t you act in a more reserved manner?

Jiang Su’s eyes lit up immediately, “Does that mean, that an old lady would have the right to express her wild inner desires freely and without inhibition?”

Zhai Jin Yu: “…”

On a dark and cloudy night –

Jiang Su opened the door to Zhai Jin Yu’s room.

Clasping her hand over her chest, she weakly leaned against the frame of his door, as though she was a pliant, fragile willow. Furrowing her brows ever so slightly, she gazed at Zhai Jin Yu with tears in her eyes, and mewled in a soft and sweet voice, “Captain Zhai, my chest hurts – couldn’t you help me massage it a little?”

Zhai  Jin Yu, “…… You must be crazy.”


The door swung shut in front of Jiang Su’s face.



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