Thirty Percent Wild (Here We Meet Again) 三分野 by 耳东兔子 Er Dong Tu Zi (HE)

1. If Xiang Yuan knew that she would eventually reunite with Xu Yan Shi one day, and fall hopelessly in love with him, she would have guarded her morality with all her might, and would have never, in his presence,  tirelessly and continuously changed her boyfriends, one after the other.

2. Subsequently, there was a person who asked out of curiosity, “Xu Yan Shi, for all that you’ve done – did you ever consider whether it was worth your while?”

He had been casually lounging on a bench in the park, with one arm hanging loosely from the back of the bench, whilst the other had a beer in hand. Although the emotions in his eyes were undecipherable, he nevertheless managed to arouse a strange sense of melancholy in those who gazed at him. Slowly, he tilted his head and took a swig from the beer bottle.

Fixating his gaze on an illuminated office building in the distance, he responded, “When I was young, adults often said that the world is filled with beauty and wonder; subsequently, when I grew up, I realized that the world was not as beautiful, nor wondrous as I thought it would be – but I never thought about doing anything to correct or improve the world. But, for her, I formulated one simple wish – I want to present to her, a world, which is ideal in my eyes.”

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  1. dramasbooksandtea
    dramasbooksandtea August 14, 2019 at 1:44 pm |

    耳东兔子 has, in recent years, been steadily establishing herself as a stalwart in the sweet and fluffy romance genre in the c-novel community. Standing at 89 chapters (with more epilogues to come when the actual physical book is published), Thirty Percent Wild chronicles the development of the relationship between a wealthy, laid back, and (somewhat) childish female lead, and a mature, persevering, and (originally) defeatist and cynical male lead. Whilst 耳东兔子 manages to document the initial “push and pull” / ambiguous relationship between the two leads extremely well, the story gradually begins to lose steam once our leads finally decide to enter into a relationship proper, and shifts their focus to the development of their careers (therefore, the four-star rating).

    An interesting note about this novel, however, is that it falls within the category of “part-idealistic, part realistic”, where the romance leans towards the “idealistic” category, whilst the career development leans towards the “realistic” category – indeed, when we first meet the male lead, despite all his talents and qualifications, he has been passed on and neglected for promotion opportunities for four entire years due to other candidates having better ‘connections’ in the company compared to him. This results in our male lead forming a somewhat defeatist / cynical mindset and attitude prior to reuniting with our female lead – he does, however, manage to buck up and get himself into a better company after entering into a relationship with our female lead, due to his newfound motivation of earning sufficient amounts to provide for her luxurious lifestyle.

  2. Oliver
    Oliver April 22, 2023 at 8:36 am |

    耳东兔子, Thirty percent Wild (Here We Meet Again) English translation is available on this link

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