Time Travel through Fantastic Stories in Wulin 穿越之武林怪传 by Shu Ke

Messing around and talking nonsense make a wonderful world out of order, full of foul atmosphere, beyond all recognition and in an awful state, and the rest is a peculiar, freak, strange and never-heard Jianghu…

Extremely “Mensao” eighth brother and high-quality “scheming” flower boy. Rainbow Heaven together with Jinjiang sincerely launches it this year. “anthomaniac”+ “childish”, “crazy” + “dreamy” invincible heroine…

Readers may cry when laughing out loud and think when bursting into laughing. The story is purely fictional and the Author only provide reservation service for handling any time-travel procedure as an agent once every hundred year, free of any charge…

After all the Wulin is beyond all recognition, and Shuke-the Hero should be replaced quickly; numerous clouds of suspicion make it difficult to distinguish and midnight fans like us are very anxious.

The case is not the key point any more, but the romantic relationship is the primary matter; Who will Xiaoxiao have a love affair with is still uncertain.

The Brother gradually changes his appearance and Murong is not to her heart’s desire; click the comment and cry for that all readers support Murong.

The reason for why all readers support Murong it that Murong is shifty; the Author should be behind the scenes; however the fans are desperately depressed.

Alas, why is the Book not written by me? The general trend of events can not be controlled by me, either; I will sing a song with the wind and leave and leave behind the trifles in the Book.

Readers may burst their sides with laughter once a minute and how the “first master-hand in the Jianghu” appears is unveiled!!!

You are the only one for me in this multifarious world and the world is overturned, but I only care about you.

What is Jianghu? The well-known Jianghu herein refers to “Paste”.

The Queen Xiaoxiao atypically traveled through this peculiar, freak, strange and never-heard Jianghu, beginning dreaming of becoming a sword-woman through taking someone as her teacher to learn the martial art and walking in the Jianghu to help the weak. Who knew that the Jianghu described by the Author was so weird that she was struck dumb, and fortunately she knew that she was the heroine, and therefore she “fought fire with water and confronted enemy soldiers with generals” in dangerous situation by virtues of her optimistic spirit, powerful will and occasionally revealed deliberate idea. Kind, willful, lovely and pushy Wang Xiaoxiao begun looking forward to the Author recruiting a hero for her and meanwhile she was unconsciously affected by the person around her…

(Credit: NLB Singapore)



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