Time With You 时光有你, 记忆成花 by Gu Xi Jue

In this vast brilliant world, the only place I want to go is to your heart.

From the moment of meeting Mo Li, Wei Chi deeply knew he is her predestined fate. Thus, he deliberately try to avoid this fate with her.

Yet, destiny still connect them. Three years later, she reappear vividly in his life, like a sunshine lighting up his world.

He gradually understand, the beginning thought has unknowingly became difficult to cut off, and never be able to let go.

He seldom clings to anything, but once he has it, he must have it.

Even though the road ahead is unknown, as long as she is around, it will withstand the warmth of spring and the gentleness of thousands.

Simply because time has you, the memory will be the most beautiful flowers.

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