Transmigrated to Ancient Times as a Female Prison Guard 穿越女吏之当狱卒 by 任性的懒虫 Ren Xing De Lan Chong (HE)

Nan Gong Xi was a top national secret agent who found herself transmigrated as a female prison guard who inherited her mother’s business.

Her father was the warden, her younger brother was a junior officer, and her mother was a retired housewife. Her family had served as minor officials in the capital city for generations.

She had no special abilities, only memories from her past life. But exceptional people will shine through effort, no matter their background.

Watch as Nan Gong Xi, now called Gong Xiao Hua, grows from a junior guard into a female general of the kingdom.

Qin Chu Yuan came from a prestigious family line, blessed with talent and looks. Outwardly gentle, he was scheming on the inside.

The one correct calculation he made in life was marrying his one and only wife, Gong Xiao Hua. She fell right into his trap.

From then on, the married Qin Chu Yuan became a devoted, doting husband catering to his wife’s every need – to the point that onlookers grew tired of their affection.

(Credit: akkNovel)

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