Unfortunately, Not You (Where the Lost Ones Go) 可惜不是你 by 叶紫 Ye Zi (HE)


Ye Zi and Xiang Hui’s immature and beautiful romance began in the university campus. Once thought that they will spend the rest of their life together hand in hand but no matter how promising was the oath, it cannot defeat the sad predestination.

She never anticipated Xiang Hui will abruptly go overseas, without saying good-bye. Ye Zi’s memory of their fairy tale love slowly fading. While waiting, she has to endure the loneliness, despair and sadness. Chen Yu Hua silently accompanied her and warmed her heart. In order to forget, Ye Zi finally took the next step.

Four years later, Xiang Hui returned from aboard, but people have already changed, even though things have remained the same.  In the face of a first love and a fiance, who will Ye Zi choose ……



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  1. Grace
    Grace August 31, 2017 at 7:24 am |


    First, I need to say sorry if I’m about to say is out of topic but can I request one of my lifetime dream book from you. Can I request one book name (可惜不是你 It’s unfortunate that it is not you (HE) – 叶紫 Ye Zi) ? It really means lot to me and I found many sources but couldn’t find any web that have this book. Pls, tell me back if you can help me with this one or not. Thank you So much

  2. Jen
    Jen December 31, 2017 at 6:44 pm |

    Watched the show and lasted till episode 4. The male lead seems a little pushy for my taste – the female lead didn’t mind. But yeah I agree with peanuts. The story seems a little flat. Main guy appears whenever the female lead needs help and the female lead seems to be perpetually embarrassed about one thing or another..

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