Union of Breaking Up A Couple 失恋阵线联萌 by 蓝小咩 Lan Xiao Mie (HE)

b3119313b07eca80b35b9db6912397dda1448301.jpg   Yan Miao feel she’s being bullied by her boss. Never seen such a rogue, every weekend need to help him walk the dog , cooking, cleaning on top of her secretarial work. The most annoying is her boss, Xie Zi Xiu’s handsome looks make her blush . Yan Miao has like  her adopted brother since childhood, but did not think her brother is about to marry her boss’s fiancee. Thus under Xie Zi Xiu’s incitement, the lovelorn boss-subordinate formed a coalition to breakup the couple. Just when Yan Miao decide to bail out, Xie Zi Xiu’s company encounter some problem and Yan Miao took out her savings to help him. But why does Xie Zi Xiu seem not to care about bankruptcy….

[Ebook] [Radio drama][Liên Minh Phe Thất Tình]


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  1. Snow Berries
    Snow Berries September 3, 2014 at 4:36 am |

    hi, does the story ends with the so called cohabitation? The ending give the feeling that the writer hasn’t finished telling the story…the epilogue regarding her pregnant friend also seem very out of the blue…so many things not explain in the novel..Why did XZS appear on the bus during their first meeting? It seem he already knew about YM existence when he look her up to give her the cheque to forward to her brother…there was hardly any actions from their “collaboration’..The half bake excuse he gave her that she can’t be with his brother is also applicable to him? Who paid for the first class ticket to japan and the expensive hotel stay? So his brother continue to like her even though he can’t marry her? Who is the new investor for the company? What happen after she ran away from their engagement party? At times our heroine is a smart woman, but at time she is totally clueless….the dialogue are cute but a pity the story feels incomplete with too many loose ends….and I have too many questions

  2. wisteria9bloom2
    wisteria9bloom2 September 3, 2014 at 10:09 am |

    Hi Snow Berries, I agree with you there’s some loose ends. It ended with their cohabitation as the author didn’t write another 翻外。The epilogue on her friend, 舒浣 is a continuation from another book call 浣熊帮帮忙. I don’t think XZS meet YM before. YM & SW airtickets were arranged by SW’s brother in-law (there’s some love triangle as well in the 浣熊 book). XZS’s father is authoritarian type,so things he doesn’t like,he can take back. XZS misled every one he’s going bankrupt so he can buy the company shares at discount with an external investor.

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