Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady/ The Indomitable Master of Elixirs/ Peerless Alchemist or Refiner 绝世炼丹师:纨绔九小姐 by 夜北 Ye Bei (HE)

She is 24th century’s strongest cultivator. But during a freak accident, she transmigrated to a world filled with demon clans and magic. In this new world, her family bullies her, and her unfaithful fiancé insults her, treating her as a punching bag.

You want to oppress her? Heh heh. She’ll soon teach you how to properly behave yourself.

Your magic is a power to behold? Five Bolts will blast you into smithereens!

Your medicine is impressive? With one furnace of concocted pills, a good-for-nothing can also become a genius!

Your millions of mighty martial warriors are considered fierce? Beans scatter with a flick of a wrist, and out from them sprout soldiers. Have fun playing with them!

In the face of people who court disaster and sin to the point where their lives aren’t even worth living, all she can do is laugh. Submit to me and prosper! Oppose me and perish!

But… why is this stunning esteemed imperial advisor always casting flirtatious glances at her?

A certain imperial advisor: We’ve been together for so long. And now you don’t want to own up to it?

(Credit: Dahlia)

[Ebook][Eng Translation One or Two][Audiobook][Manhua][Manhua in Eng One or Two][Tuyệt thế Luyện đan sư: Hoàn khố Cửu tiểu thư]



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