Unwaveringly Loyal Subject / Your Most Faithful Companion 不二之臣 by 不止是颗菜 Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (HE)

Ji Ming Shu and Ceng Sen had barely been married for a year, when Ceng Sen emabarked on a far-flung journey to Australia to develop and expand the overseas market.

In the third year of their marriage, Ceng Sen finally returned. Ji Ming Shu flung a set of divorce papers on his face, in an attempt to put an end to her “widowed” marriage.

Shutting his eyes, Ceng Sen retrieved the divorce papers in a calm and orderly manner. After three seconds of silence, Ceng Sen placed the divorce papers neatly onto his desk, and responded in a cool and composed tone, “Ming Shu, whilst I respect your wishes and your opinions, I thought I ought remind you that, pursuant to the terms of our prenuptial agreement, once our marriage has been dissolved, you would no longer be able to continue collecting your rare Birkin handbags, you would no longer be able to utilise the private jet to attend the Milan Fashion Week, you would no longer able to purchase 15-carat Sri Lanka Padparadscha Sapphire Rings without batting a single eyelid……”

“Wait!” Ji Ming Shu was struck with a sudden moment of clarity, “Now that I think about it……I think I’m still able to bear with this marriage a little longer.”

– An arrogant and wilful Socialite x a black-bellied Boss
– How insanely blessed I am, to be able to be your unwaveringly loyal subject during this lifetime.

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