Walk Through Fire For You / He Emerged From The Flames (Bright Eyes in the Dark) 他从火光中走来 by 耳东兔子 Er Dong Tu Zi (HE)

1. When Nan Chu was sixteen years old, a horrific fire engulfed her home. Trapped in her room, Nan Chu was close to losing her consciousness when she saw a man, decked out in his uniform, emerging from the flames.

2. As the female lead in the upcoming movie My Cannon Fodder Ex-Boyfriend, Nan Chu was invited to participate in a variety show to promote her movie. Requested to call up her ex-boyfriend as a penalty for losing a game on the variety show, Nan Chu dialled Lin Lu Xiao’s number. With all eyes focused on her, and the audience waiting patiently with abated breath. Du… Du… Du…. After ringing for three times, the person on the other line rejected her call.

Every single star blazing in the night sky, represents a martyr who had sacrificed his life — Nan Chu

My life belongs to my country, but my heart belongs to her — Lin Lu Xiao

[Ebook][Radiodrama][Eng Translation][Drama]


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