When Is the Son Off 公子何时休 by 喧宜 Xuan Yi

The heroine, Yu Xinhuan, who was forced to go on a blind date by her mother accidentally enters a VR game and falls into a romance with the protagonist Young Master Yu.

Yu Xinhuan is a wealthy daughter whose mother has been forcing her to get married fast. By chance, she puts on a VR headset to enter a game where she becomes the only daughter of a powerful general of Tiangxing Kingdom. Alas, she still cannot escape her fate of being forced to marry even in the game world! Having injured a number of her suitors, she eventually meets Young Master Yu who is black-bellied despite his gentle appearance. Yu Xinhuan and Young Master Yu are arranged to be married due to the emperor’s decree and in the process of getting along, they come to have a good impression of each other.

(Credit: ChineseDrama.info)



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