Where Is the Love 爱情去哪儿了 by 吕琛昊 Lu Chen Hao

Du Xinyue, Gu Ning, Luo Dan, and Ai Moli are four best friends, each with a unique personality. Du Xinyue, balancing her career and family while pregnant, faces growing suspicions from her husband Zhao Lei. Gu Ning and Fan Zhigang’s impending wedding is marred by relationship troubles. Luo Dan and Fang Dayu’s blossoming romance takes a tragic turn at their engagement party. Ai Moli’s seemingly perfect relationship with Shi Weinan unravels due to a hidden secret involving a romantic Frenchman named Guishi.

As time passes, Du Xinyue finds herself amidst crises: a failed marriage, fractured friendships, and uncertainties surrounding her friends’ lives. The quest for love and its true meaning becomes central as each character navigates through challenges, questioning their choices and beliefs.

Set against the backdrop of urban life, this story serves as a survival guide for women, exploring themes of love, friendship, and personal growth.

(Credit: Chinese Drama World)

Based on the television series of the same name.



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