Why Not Soar, Your Majesty? 阁下何不腾飞起 by 贰花 Er Hua (HE)

If you’re good enough, why don’t you reach for the heavens and be side to side with the sun?

This is a girl who’s playing on a male account, trying her hardest to save up money so she can be a sugar mommy to her male god.

This is a story about some deranged people.

Also known as:

Tang Xiao has only had two wishes so far.

One wish was to be a sugar mommy for Mu Cheng.

The second wish was to disgust to death her arch enemy clan’s Su Muzhe!

Female: Wife, have you died yet! If you haven’t died, hold onto me! That way when they collect our corpses, they’ll know that we’re a couple.

Male: ….

Everyone: Why haven’t you gone to heaven yet

* When the female lead says “be a sugar mommy”, the Chinese literally means “包养” which normally is used when a man provides/raises a mistress. So the female lead wants to be his sugar mommy and sponsor him.

(Credit: Soupy Translations)

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