Why You Take My Hug As Interrupt (I Said Hello, You Said Sorry to Disturb) 我说你好,你说打扰 by Lan Bai Se

I know you are up to no good, you know my false modesty.

I have seen a tsunami, never seen your smile
I caught a bird, did not touch your feather
If not for that early morning
I said hello, you said sorry to disurb
If not for my flowers that bloom just nicely

– Lin Xi



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  1. wisteria9bloom2
    wisteria9bloom2 January 27, 2018 at 3:57 pm |

    The intro for this ebook was rather unique as it has taken a song lyrics from Lin Xi ((林夕).
    The story revolved around the fashion industry where an upcoming designer met a
    fashion veteran.
    Zhong Youshi (female lead) met Lu Jin Ran (male lead) while he went Milan to attend
    his ex-girlfriend mum’s wedding and she was forced by a creditor to steal his luggage
    as it contained the wedding gown. He managed to hunt her down but the gown
    was destroyed and in order to prevent being jailed, said she can redo the gown.
    From there, he noted she’s a talented designer and over time, encouraged her to pursue
    the fashion path.
    Overall, I find it a entertaining read with romance, humor thrown in and Zhong You Shi’s
    best friend, Qin Zi Yu is quite funny.

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