Wife, I Want to Eat Meat 娘子,我要吃肉 by 荀草 Xun Cao (HE)

Wife, I want to graze on an old pasture.[1]

Someone: This lady is a flower not grass.

Wife, I this gentleman wants to roll in the sheets with you.

Someone kicks: Did this lady allow you on the bed?

Wife, husband wants to eat meat![2]

Someone brandished her whip: Get lost, this lady is eating vegetarian food tonight.

In a sentence: It’s a story of a husband cast aside, seduce his ex-wife by every possible means to roll in the sheets, eat meat and give birth to little piglets.

[1] A saying where someone wants to get back with someone they are no longer with, the full saying is ` A good horse will never turn round to graze on an old pasture`.
[2] Another saying of wanting to get it on with someone. (hahaha)

(Credit: Translating Sloth)

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