With Clear Conscience 俯仰无愧 – 凌淑芬 Ling Shu Fen (HE)

People need money to live; it is an undisputable fact. So as embarrassing as it may sound:- Hello bankruptcy! Bye-bye everyone!

The only thing that disciples of Qing Xu Sect know is martial arts. So when Teacher gathers everyone together (there are only 4 of them, Teacher included), and tells them that they are disbanding, everyone is shell-shocked. Where are they going to stay? What are they going to eat?

As the head disciple, Yun Yang cannot stand by and do nothing. He decides to leave their mountain and find work to support his Shi Fu and Shi Meis. Fortunately, Lady Luck is smiling on him and he finds work the same day that he left the mountain. He saved a (rich) damsel in distress and was offered a job as her bodyguard in which she will give him 500 liang in return if he can escort her safely to her destination.

But is it really luck shining on him? Within 2 days, they were ambushed by 2 different gangs, – each more highly-skilled and deadly than the last. What! She possesses the treasure that the whole wu lin (pugilist world) is coveting?! Great. Simply fantastic. Now the whole of jiang hu’s problem is as good as his problem…..



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