With Love and Time / Face with Love, Affection, and Time 以爱情以时光 by 鱼不语 Yu Buyu

During my graduation, my two-timing boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. The seven years of affection and friendship was shattered in an instant.

I was thrown into a panic, but my heart was full of hatred.

Luo Xiangdong appeared at this time. The superior him took pity on me.

He asked, “Liang Zijin, are you that in need of men?”

Because of money, I became a bar girl that smiled obsequiously. He then asked, “Liang Zijin, you want money instead of your dignity?”

He showed me the pleasures of the world, feasting and revelry. I took care of the crowd of young beauties that surrounded him.

He is outwardly kind but inwardly he was evil and cold. He said, “Liang Zijin, get out of my sight.”

But he hugged me the moment I turned around.

I got used to his coldness, but I couldn’t resist being moved.

With all my courage, I promised him my love and time.

He gave me to other men, and said: “From now on, you can call me uncle.”

In the end, I finally understood that true love is more depreciable than adultery and family affection.

(Credit: Foxaholic)

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