Xi Exiting Yumen (West Out of the Yu Men) 西出玉门 by 尾鱼 Wei Yu (HE)

Some say, that the remnants of the Great Wall amidst the Loess Plateau which one vaguely sees during a raging sandstorm in the middle of the night is, in actuality, the spirits of the Yumen Pass.

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  1. dramasbooksandtea
    dramasbooksandtea May 29, 2019 at 12:08 pm |

    尾鱼 is a relatively established novelist in the C-novel community, and is well known for writing mystery fantasy novels with horror elements (for instance, the female lead in the Voice of Death possessed the power to see various spirits, and often helped the spirits find some sort of closure to their time in the living world). One of the brightest and lovliest points about 尾鱼’s novels, however, is the fresh, wholesome characters (even side characters) which she manages to craft for every single book of hers that I have read, and Xi Exiting Yumen definitely does not disappoint in this regard.

    In short, Xi Exiting Yumen is a story about a haphazard team of people who are forced to journey together in the dessert as a result of various circumstances out of their control. Although every single person in the team possesses their own motivations for stepping on this journey, they gradually learn to bond together and really care for each other as the journey becomes increasingly wild and dangerous. Of course, being a “mystery and fatansy” novelist, the story doesn’t just stop at “journeying in the dessert” – along the way, the team manages to find the entrance to another ‘realm / world’ within the dessert, which is so well crafted by 尾鱼 that the entire concept isn’t exactly hard to swallow.

    This is a terrible review (as I am terrible at writing reviews whilst trying my best nott to give anything away), but the novel is highly recommended if you like mystery / fantasy / romance (albeit the romance written by 尾鱼 always has her signature features – stoic, independent and trustworthy male lead, outstanding, similarly independent and capable female lead).

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