Xing Han Can Lan, Xing Ji Zhi Zai (Love Like the Galaxy) 星汉灿烂, 幸甚至哉 (星汉灿烂) by 关心则乱 Guan Xin Ze Luan

Many years later, she looks back on her life and feels that being born in this life is much better than the other life. So what made her, a serious and hard-working person, embark on such a fascinating road?

The synopsis, although solemn, is still useless: It is about an unruly young lady, family drama, being diligent, and slow to love someone.

Fictional, melodramatic, Mary Sue, most of the characters, including the hero and heroine, are not perfect. Don’t read if you don’t like this, remember, remember.



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  1. lidge (a.k.a. Lucy)
    lidge (a.k.a. Lucy) May 18, 2021 at 9:46 am |

    At the beginning of the novel, the parents and older brothers return from battles to the capital to live and reunite with the FL who is their youngest and only daughter who had been raised by relatives…… at this time, the FL is at a marriage age but the family realizes it’s hard to marry her off because she’s wild and unruly, it’s pretty funny.

    Her father is a general and her 4 older brothers r warriors so they were busy fighting in battles and the FL’s mom was with her hubby and sons.

    The FL was left to relatives to raise so she has a reputation of being wild and unruly……. the FL is actually a girl who time travel from modern time and she was raised in the mountain by a grandmother so she’s wild and unruly so when she time traveled she fits the personality of the girl whose body she took over.

    From what i can understand, it’s a good story, better than Minglan……. i really hope Leo will accept the role…. i think he will be excellent!!!

    The book has not been published so the synopsis is vague. You can find out more from below:

    A bit of background: ML is the emperor’s adopted son and the FL is the only daughter of a general……. she was out with a bunch of young ladies her age and they’re all swooning over ML and then they ask her opinion…..she dunno who the hell he is but due to peer pressure she pretends to be in love with him too lol, so then he finds out and thinks she’s madly in love with him like other young ladies in the capital lol

    So i’m at a really cute part of the story: the FL overheard a plot to assassinate the crown prince and the ML saved her when the ppl she overheard tried to kill her but the ML and her have to come up with an excuse why they’re together when they return to the emperor’s party…….ML said he’ll break her arm and then said he saved her but then he actually breaks his own arm…… the emperor hears his adopted son and the FL return together…..the thing is ML is pretty tough even when he’s gravely injured he dun let anyone else now so why would he need the FL to help him return? so the emperor suspects ML is in love with the FL and want to match make them, the problem is the FL is already engaged to someone else who ML also knows…….so the emperor asks the FL’s father how many daughters he has and the general says he only has 1 and the emperor got mad at him bcos why he only has 1 and not 2 daughters.

    Haha very cute!!!

    There’s another funny part: the FL time travel so of course she dunno how to read Chinese characters in ancient China but her mom thinks her daughter is stupid bcos she’s illiterate lol

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