Yan Zhi Zui (Beauties in the Closet) 胭脂醉 (柜中美人) by 水合 Shui He

A yellow weasel and a nine-tailed fox take on human forms as beautiful ladies in order to seduce the king and persuade him to stop the killings against their kind.

Towards the end of the Tang Dynasty, the imperial family’s love for hunting has disrupted the lives of the fox spirit tribe that resides at the foot of Ma Li Mountain. Unwilling to bear it any longer, the tribe sends Qing Feng and Fei Yuan as envoys of peace. Unbeknownst to everyone, Qing Feng has received a secret mission to assassinate the emperor.

(Credit: Chinesedrama.info)

[Ebook][Drama with Eng Subs]


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