You are a Dead Man, Long Riyi (Dragon Day, You’re Dead) 龙日一你死定了 (龙一,你要怎样) by 小妮子 Xiao Ni Zi

It tells a story of comedy and romance between a goody-two-shoes student and the school troublemaker.

Zhang Jing Mei recently transferred to the elite Ben Cheng School. On her first day, she butts heads with Long Ri Yi whose mere presence strikes fear in his fellow students. Ever since their meeting, Zhang Jing Mei and Long Ri Yi refuse to show weakness whenever they face each other. Meanwhile, Long Ri Yi’s older brother Long Hai Yi and childhood friend Jin Heng Xi  also add flavor to their interesting relationship and as time passes, the bickering couple soon find romance in their repeated encounters.


[Ebook One, Two & Three][Drama One, Two, Three & Four][Audiobook]


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