You Sweeten The Wind (The Most Beautiful You In The World) 你把风都变甜了 (世界上最动听的你) by 安婉 An Wan

A romance that continues to get syrupy sweeter as the story progresses. Qiao Yibai who is like a god in the field of ancient audio dramas is unexpectedly adorable while Wang Yuhuan is a woman who has no qualms flirting with him.

When Qiao Yibai ran away from home in junior high, the young teen who came from a wealthy family ended up in the home of Wang Yuhuan who is a little bully in her own right. Because of her, Qiao Yibai is forced to change his rebellious ways. However, a mishap separates them for seven years.

The two people who thought they would never see each other again have become active in the voice dubbing circle. Empress Changhuan which is an audio drama adapted from a popular female-centric novel brings them together through the internet.

In real life, Yuhuan and Qiao Yibai meet coincidentally. She is dragged to be part of the photography team for the military training for freshmen. On the other hand, Qiao Yibai is forced to be the instructor. Given that Yuhuan has a memory of a goldfish, she fails to recognize that Qiao Yibai was the boy he bullied seven years ago. Little does she know that in Qiao Yibai’s eyes, she is a heartbreaker who has forgotten their past.




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