Yun Kuang 云狂 by 风行烈 Feng Xing Lie (HE)

Liu Yun Kuang, the only son of the Liu clan, one of the nine most revered families in the world. Elegant bearing, extraordinary in looks, distinguished and admirable, womanizer, without a doubt he is the number one playboy of Chu Jing.

But who is to know that such a good-for-nothing rich boy is actually a stunning genius, music, chess, poetry, painting, dance, not one is he not adept at, furthermore he is one of the world’s top martial arts experts.

Who is to know that this ‘he’ who stuns the world with only a smile, who can overrun the world, who can turn the tables on the world, that possesses scarily genius talent is actually…..a ‘she’? With all of the world’s elegance in her hand, she is the champion of her time. Dressed in white robes, ink hair flying, glancing back with a smile, question, what man in the world can resist her?

(Credit: Junjuntianxia)

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  1. junjuntianxia
    junjuntianxia January 2, 2020 at 12:47 pm |

    This is another time-travel book where the protagonist, Yun Kuang, travels back into the body of a girl baby. She is raised as a boy and in order to gain power to protect those important to her, she creates the largest information gathering organization in her world, as well as an army, and an assassin organization. Along the way she meets 11 guys who all end up liking her, though not all in a romantic way. Long story short she ends up uniting the world and the ending is a happy one, a one to one pairing, but it does feel a bit NP.

    Finally the male lead is “brother”….

    Why does it feel like the guys who are referred to as “brother” usually not end up with the female lead? In this case the male lead ends up being the first guy she meets, which happens to be her cousin, Ye Shao Qiu. I am quite pleased with the pairing because there is an actual, logical reason as to why Yun Kuang ends up with him/chooses him.

    Way too overpowered leads…

    One flaw I would have to mention is that man, everyone that has any kind of connection to Yun Kuang is pretty overpowered. Basically in their world to achieve “Bai Zhu” stage of martial arts prowess by the age of around 60-70 is considered a genius, but Yun Kuang and Ye Shao Qiu achieve “Wu Sheng” (lit. Martial God) stage when they are around 17 and 20 something….As well I don’t really remember Yun Kuang ever losing any battles seriously, there are incidents where she was defeated but she never lost any major fights. This just bothered me a lot because I like my novels to be a tad realistic.

    Magnet female lead syndrome…

    I prefer one to one pairings, but in this book while there is a definite pairing, the process and ending of it is a bit too NP for me. In the last chapter we see her traveling the world along with her husband and all of her potential love interests…and when they find out she’s pregnant they all become the child’s godfathers. But to be honest, the NP feeling isn’t too strong. Yun Kuang is surprisingly not annoying considering she’s supposed to be this “arrogant”, “overpowering” character, she is quite likeable actually, well at least that’s what I think xD

    In conclusion…

    Rate: 7/10

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