Mutual Adoration (A Pair of Evildoers) 两“禽”相悦 (妖孽也成双) by 东奔西顾 Dong Ben Xi Gu


The first time the young Meng Lai met the young Jiang Sheng Zhuo, she said to the young  Qiao Le Xi, “Jiang Sheng Zhuo has good dress sense.”
“Ya, a dressed up animal ma! – 衣冠禽兽 (an immoral and despicable person)”
“He looks very refined.”
“Refined? Ya, you are right, a refined rascal ma -斯文败类 !”
“He looks very uninhibited.”
“Wanton and uninhibited -放荡不羁 ? Actually, I think he is more wanton than uninhibited.”

This is a fresh belly black and poison tongue female and uninhibited and belly black male evildoer,  passionate collision, battle of wits and bravery story. When belly black runs into belly black, poison tongue female has always treated ridiculing and verbally attacking flirtatious male as its mission,  enjoying it, never get tired of it and struggling continually .


“Qiao Le Xi, you quickly get out!” In the bathroom, there is a naked little boy who is trying to cover his lower body part with his hands and blushing, while shouting angrily. The stubborn little girl is obviously also embarrassed as her chubby little cheeks are red like apples. Yet, she still pretended to look at him with disdain, “Cheh, what is there to see!” The little boy felt himself aggrieved, “You have already seen my naked body …… ”

The little girl seemed to recognize it is her own fault.  She stared at his sparkling and translucent eyes which appeared about to shed some tears soon. Thus, she impatiently said: “You can rest assured, I will be responsible for you!”

After saying that, she hurriedly ran out of the bathroom.  Her fleecing footsteps, henceforth messed up his heart.

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  1. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn August 23, 2013 at 5:49 pm |

    Arrrggghhh…….this book ought to be renamed “Love/Suffer in Silence”!!!!

    They both loved each other for years (since they were teens)……yet they kept it a secret. Each end up doing silly things to camouflage their love!!!

    I’ve done up to almost two-thirds of the book – i feel that the Qiao Le Xi, though smart, is really far from evil, in fact, emotionally kinda weak n too nice. She can’t even stand up for herself in front of Meng Lai. As for Jiang Sheng Zhuo, even though he’s evil + black belly, he’s stumped when it comes to Le Xi. So, both end up suffering in silence for more than ten years!!!! Seeing them dodging and running around in circles is making me vomit blood….lol….

    Hopefully, Le Xi will cough out some fancy or evil manoeuvres in the remaining parts of the book, otherwise, I will be sorely disappointed.

  2. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn August 24, 2013 at 6:29 pm |

    Finished but not too happy with the novelist….

    I don’t understand why LeXi had to go abroad. It just doesn’t make sense. I mean if it’s all about the downfall in her career and salvaging her pride and reputation, she still could hv maintain some form of communication with ShengZhuo. And why couldn’t ShengZhuo visit her? Like they were living in the Stone Age or something, no transportation, no communication channels!!!! I get that he’s hurt and angry that she chose to turn her back and went off but why the self inflicted torture after all, it took them donkey years just to get together for a couple of mths and before you turn the chapter, they are separated again!!!!

    Really, the reason for her departure (given her family’s power and influence) is mind boggling.

    I really think the angtsy bits in the last part just doesn’t blend with the original or intended genre of the book. Feel like throwing bad eggs at the writer …lol…

  3. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn August 25, 2013 at 8:41 am |

    Yeah, i m depressed too. I feel so sad and bad for poor Sheng Zhuo, all the wasted years for nothing. Feel like beating up Le Xi.

    Now i need a really sweet nothing silly book to immerse in so that I can appease my wounded soul. And I think I hv just the book in mind but let me check it out first to make sure it’s 100% fun and 100% angstless. Lol…

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