If You Still Like This, I’ll Call the Police/ Can I Not Marry?/ Days of Cohabitation with the President 你再这样,我就报警了!/ 可不可以不嫁人/ 和总裁同居的日子 by Yi Jin (HE)


In the past when someone mention getting married, Du Lei Si (Durex) will certainly feel fearful enough to flee.

What is so good about getting married? Organising a wedding ceremony is akin to spending money like running water.  After giving birth, you must also raise the child. If you don’t maintain yourself well, you will get out of shape.

As a result, maybe a vixen will grab your husband and take away your baby.

Not getting married! Definitely not getting married!

However,  fate is like this. Whatever you are afraid of,  unfortunately it will give to you.

I was walking on the street, minding my own business. Yet, it is also possible to encounter a stranger proposing marriage. He placed a dazzling diamond ring right in front of me. This handsome guy kneed down with one leg and looked at me with such sincere expression: “Miss, would you please marry me?”

This, this is like which drama?

After pondering over it, this surely must be a stunt from whichever television station’s new program. Invite a celebrity to pretend to be a passer-by  to propose marriage. This year with the economic crisis, being a producer is not easy.

Thus, out of kindness, I accepted the diamond ring.  Only to find out that all these are actually real! The diamond ring is really and truly geniune diamond from South Africa. Moreover, the groom is also a genuine rich man!

Actually this is just like the legend of marrying into a rich and powerful family? I always feel in front there is the belly black President who is like a ruthless wolf watching me attentively, and if I am not careful, he willl tear me apart and shallow me into his belly. Whereas behind there is the crowd who do not know the truth, standing in a circle and watching as the drama unfolds.  I still have not explained clearly but Mrs. President’s fame has already spreaded quickly from mouth to mouth.

This time, Du Lei Si really feels regret.

Who can tell me, can I not marry ah?


[Ebook][Radiodrama Completed] [Có cần lấy chồng không?][Eng Translation][가불가이불가인]


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  1. Nutella
    Nutella October 16, 2013 at 5:03 am |

    Peanuts, I want to feel really angry at you ah, but I never can! You keep posting my types of books, and then you want me to just turn a blind eye? How will I do that? This is like torture *sobs* You should take pity on your meimei!

    *Sigh* One day I will read this when I finish Hey, Let The Girl Go and You Dare Marry Me~

    P.S. When I first read the heroine’s name I laughed for like 5 minutes straight XD

  2. Nutella
    Nutella October 16, 2013 at 8:33 am |

    Haha, I am forever thankful to my elders for translating many pretty things for me m(__)m I was going to cheat but then I felt bad, plus my book was already winning so I didn’t bother… but now I feel bad for the other books that got left alone~

    Yeah, I’ll think I’ll try listening to the radiodrama for this book, I’ll look mental trying to not laugh on the bus, but that’s ok.. and yeah, people will have to deal with stinky me for the sake of this book ^w^

    Oh my god, her parents are so mean to her to give her that name, do they have a deep grudge against her or something la? I mean… her whole life got ruined because of her name! But since handsome men just pop from the earth and propose to her maybe it’s not so bad XD

  3. XinnXinn
    XinnXinn October 19, 2013 at 9:48 am |

    This book is full of slapsticks without a main plot, so it’s to be read without expectations, just like the title implies, it chronicles Du Lei Si’s daily life after Lian Jun tricked her into marrying him. Good for a hearty laugh, but some readers may get irritated with Du Lei Si’s stupidity and antics.

    Miss Condom is so very like Qin Qing (of Kao!), both characters are so similarly written, both are equally stupid. And yes, Lian Jun is ‘almost’ like FT, why I say ‘almost’ is becoz FT is still too special, so I don’t think both can be equated side by side. (Haha….I’m so biased!!!)

    But really, some parts are so hilariously funny, for eg., Lei Si apple polishing Lian Anna (the mother-in-law), almost tickled me to death.

    Thanks, shifu for posting the book, just what I need to wean off my travel fatigue.

  4. Bong
    Bong October 28, 2014 at 1:46 am |

    The next day, after she was drunk. She woke up and saw her husband next to her. She could resist and started to eat his tofu. hahaha Then he told her that the girl is actually his half sister. The girl and the guy (who is always after Durex) are twins. After his father divorced with his mother, his father had another woman and that woman gave birth to a boy & girl. Then she had a meal with her friends, and her hubby also want to go. So he met her friend and found out that he and Durex’s good friend dated before. But the romance didn’t last long. Last time the old aunty at home told her that the master likes spicy dishes but doesn’t eat anymore because Durex can’t eat. So this time she put in his bowl all the spicy food. After the meal, the two leads acted lovey-dovey in the street BUT in the middle, he had to go to the hospital because… stomach ache. lol

    Then his mother came back from Italy. At first she was against their relationship because physically or mentally Durex doesn’t suit her son. He told her “Du Du, let’s run away”. So they took the plane tickets and they ran away in Italy (for them it’s kinda like a late honeymoon). They were in a boat in Venice, he told her a legend that if the couple kiss under the bridge, their love will last forever. So they started kissing… then… FLOP… she felt in the water. So they had to spend most of their honeymoon in the hospital because she had fever. After, she found in his luggage the ring… the 2 millions yuan ring. So they had an argument she is angry because he lied her to marry him (the ring wasn’t lost). Make up. Then they met thieves. One thief stole the diamond ring. Durex ran after him.. but he has accomplices. They had a fight. Durex’s hubby told her that he will protect her no matter the situation. Fortunately the police came at the right moment.

    After the Italy trip, they came back in China. Durex said : other people work 5 days, rest 2 days. She rest 5 days and work 2 days. She’s so ashamed so must resign. She gave her letter in the morning and the afternoon she met her husband’s half brother. They ran into the guy’s father that means to say her father in law. The father and the son argued in the street. Durex defended the guy. The father didn’t have a good impression of her. She was scared to she took the guy’s hand to drag him in the bus. They didn’t pay attention so the bus went in the country side. She met her duck friends again. Her hubby came to take them. She thought that he will be angry but he said that whatever she said, he will believe. But to prevent her to have spare time and meet the other guy, her husband told her to come and work at his company as a receptionist or his assistant. She chose to be a receptionist and warned him first not to disclose their relationship. She will work as a spy and give him the newest gossips.

    But who is her hubby? a wolf! So he called to send papers twice a day to his office, to XX perhaps OO her. People are making fun of her again because of her name. The other guy (his half brother) send flowers to Durex everyday. Her hubby is jealous, so in a gathering, he kisses her in front of all his employees. Durex was angry, now she can’t work like normal people anymore. And his cousin (the little black princess) came to visit them. Making the situation even worse. Durex was angry because she’s confused and the main guy always decide everything for her and she doesn’t like it. She said, she is an independent person, can do and decide everything on her own. She came back in her parents’ house. He came to make up with her, saying he’s sorry. 9 months later, she gives birth to a baby boy.

  5. starrynightlov3
    starrynightlov3 June 29, 2019 at 10:10 am |

    Like XinnXinn mentioned not much plot to go by and FL’s IQ was totally bothering me. I couldn’t finish the novel. Excellent translation by Suteki Da Na.

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