Waiting For You In My City (Fireworks of My Heart) 一座城,在等你 ( 我的人间烟火) by 玖月晞 Jiu Yue Xi (HE)

“Song Yan, I’m afraid I’ll slip!” Hold me tight.

“Song Yan, I’m too tired to take another step.” Carry me!

“Song Yan, I’m cold.” Cuddle me!

“Song Yan, I’m feeling sad.” Humour me.

“Song Yan, that boy touched the back of my hand.” Go beat him to a pulp!

“Song Yan, I’ll never make it alone.” I need you by my side.

“Song Yan, take me with you.”

If you still love me, I’ll keep by your side.
“Xu Qin” his tone was serious as was the look in his eyes. This was a big decision.
“Yes?” She took a sharp intake of air and held her breath. She could sense the brevity of the moment.
“Do you still like me?” He was always so plainspoken.
Xu Qin could feel her heart racing.
She nodded “I do.”
He stared at her with a piercing gaze as if contemplating something.
“I take it back Xu Qin.”
She felt stifled, as though she could not breathe.
“Let’s be together again.” Song Yan enunciated every word deliberately. “I don’t need you to prove anything nor swear that you will love me forever. If one day you should decide to end it, then we will. But for now, let’s just be together.”
After ten long agonising years, I realise I only want you.

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  1. VicoSDL
    VicoSDL December 31, 2019 at 9:42 am |

    Could someone explain to me the story ? ´Cause I don’t get it

  2. HF
    HF July 17, 2023 at 4:55 pm |

    In HS, song Yan was attracted to the new transfer student Xin Qi: she is an introvert with a painful family history; a foster child adopted by a chaebol family. Song Yam is an extrovert and charms her as do his aunt and uncle just by the simple warmth of their life. He wants to marry her, she wants to be with him but she cannot fight her controlling status dominated cold adoptive mother FU. She breaks it off with him in a cruel way but doesn’t want to, which makes her more depressed than before.
    She studied medicine against her mother’s will but without fighting for it. Her brother is in love with her and possessive, equally status coni and unhappy but he expects nothing better.
    After 10 years, Xi Qi returns and works in the ER where she meets Song Yan again. She does her best to try to be with him again but his hurt and anger outweigh his lingering affection.
    His mother had abandon him and his father when he was young to pursue a more glamorous life and song’s father dies on the street in the cold when song was little. He is taken in by his aunt and uncle.
    Even if they get back together, the resistance from their families will tear them apart. There may be an underlying problem as well of the Memg family ( Fu is the mother) having caused Song’s family’s decline and hardship,
    I’ll leave it there as I haven’t finished the novel . It’s a tv drama now , to finish on 7/28/2023 but I’m not sure it will stick to the novel , though of course a happy ending where Xu stands up got herself and follows her passions would be wonderful. Very little laughter or lightness, quite a lot of propaganda , to be expected, in the film version.

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