Waiting For You In My City (My Fireworks on Earth) 一座城,在等你 by 玖月晞 Jiu Yue Xi (HE)

“Song Yan, I’m afraid I’ll slip!” Hold me tight.

“Song Yan, I’m too tired to take another step.” Carry me!

“Song Yan, I’m cold.” Cuddle me!

“Song Yan, I’m feeling sad.” Humour me.

“Song Yan, that boy touched the back of my hand.” Go beat him to a pulp!

“Song Yan, I’ll never make it alone.” I need you by my side.

“Song Yan, take me with you.”

If you still love me, I’ll keep by your side.
“Xu Qin” his tone was serious as was the look in his eyes. This was a big decision.
“Yes?” She took a sharp intake of air and held her breath. She could sense the brevity of the moment.
“Do you still like me?” He was always so plainspoken.
Xu Qin could feel her heart racing.
She nodded “I do.”
He stared at her with a piercing gaze as if contemplating something.
“I take it back Xu Qin.”
She felt stifled, as though she could not breathe.
“Let’s be together again.” Song Yan enunciated every word deliberately. “I don’t need you to prove anything nor swear that you will love me forever. If one day you should decide to end it, then we will. But for now, let’s just be together.”
After ten long agonising years, I realise I only want you.

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    Could someone explain to me the story ? ´Cause I don’t get it

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