Les Interprètes (Interpreter) 翻译官 by Miao Juan (HE)


In the lush green, bright and beautiful campus, he is elegant and graceful like the white snow in sunny spring and she is hardworking, outstanding, cheerful and remarkable.

In the beautiful city shrouded in darkness, her lovely smile is filled with worry and he is downcast, depraved, despair and desperate.

These two people who shuttle between light and night encounter each other over and over again under different circumstances.

She is not as lucky as Cinderella who left behind only a glass slipper but got a beautiful fairy tale.

Whereas he is the superior prince who in his constant pursuit of love almost breaks apart the relationship.

Although in this world, there is so many complication and misfortune, I still harbor hope and to be emotionally touched.

Because we met each other so, we fell in love with each other so, we supported each other.

From beginning to end, their romance is still maintained at the initial pure and beautiful stage ……

The novel depicts a poor family born, beautiful, stubborn and constantly striving for self-improvement foreign language student called Qiao Fei and the Foreign Minister’s son Cheng Jia Yang’s love entanglements.

The writing touches on the occupation depiction of a translator. After reading this novel you will fall in love with this seemingly unattainable occupation. You will also fall in love with the romantic atmosphere created by the French language.


[Ebook] [Audiobook] [Radiodrama till 3] [Eng Translation] [Người phiên dịch][Drama][번역관]



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  1. Pm
    Pm October 31, 2013 at 4:40 pm |

    Ahhh…..I see my name…. Just finished growing up explosive bunny……..any good this book?? I’m thinking of whether to read a happy comedy, ancient or romance…hhmmmm..

  2. darcy
    darcy June 1, 2016 at 12:20 am |

    I just started listening to the audiobook because of the drama, and while they’re very different, I’m liking them both so far. The quality of the audiobook is great, and gives off a very soft feel while the drama is very upbeat and dramatic.

  3. wisteria9bloom2
    wisteria9bloom2 June 7, 2016 at 7:08 am |

    The drama differ the book by -40% : – ( Qiao Fei is a meek lady and Cheng Jia Yang is a arrogant, domineering fellow in the show. The worst has to be Cheng Jia Ming who is such a overbearing guy! Forget about the drama and read the book instead.

  4. darcy
    darcy June 13, 2016 at 9:18 am |

    I feel like the book and the drama are completely different stories about people who just happen to share the same names and have the same interests haha.

    Buuut, I think I’m going to put the novel on hold because Cheng Jiayang in the novel makes me a little uncomfortable haha.

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